Lumbar sympathetic block: Indications


Stellate ganglion block (also called a cervicothoracic sympathetic block) is used primarily to treat Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, but has also been used to treat refractory angina, phantom limb pain and vascular insufficiency (such as Raynaud’s or frostbite),hyperhydrosis and other things. The stellate ganglion is formed by the fusion of the inferior cervical and first thoracic sympathetic ganglia anterior to the vertebral body of C7.

Sympathetic Block: Indications

  • Upper and Lower: CRPS (primary indication), vascular insufficiency (ex. Raynaud’s, diabetes, or frostbite), phantom limb pain, hyperhidrosis, herpes zoster
  • Upper only: angina
  • Lower only: labor pain, cystitis


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