Parental presence: Indications


Parental presence during the induction of anesthesia has been suggested as an alternative to sedative premedication. Potential benefits include reduced need for preoperative sedation, reduced anxiety, and increased compliance during induction of anesthesia.

A national survey published in 2004 indicated that there is a large variability in hospital policy in the United States regarding parental presence. 32% of the hospitals allow parental presence, 11% encourage parental presence, 23% have no formal policy, and 26% do not allow it. A survey of anesthesiologists reported that only 10% of anesthesiologists have parents present during induction of anesthesia in more than 75% of cases and 27% of anesthesiologists have parents present in less than 25% of cases. Half (50%) of the anesthesiologist never have parents present during induction.(1)


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    See also Parental presence: Induction


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