Rhabdomyolysis: Complications

Advanced, Clinical Subspecialties

  • Electrolyte abnormalities

  • Hyperkalemia àrisk of cardiac arrhythmia and arrest

  • Hyperphosphatemia

  • Hypocalcemia à risk of conduction abnormalities and neurological complications (i.e. Seizures)

  • Hyperuricemiaàanion gap metabolic acidosis, gout and renal caculi

  • DIC à secondary to release of thromboplastin and other prothrombotic components from damaged muscle

  • Compartment Syndromeà especially after aggressive fluid resuscitation resulting in a fluid shift to the closed compartment of the initial muscle insult.

  • AKIà especially in the setting of hypovolemia, sepsis, acidosis, renal ischemia and myoglobin accumulation in renal tubules.

  • Hypovolemiaà secondary to third spacing following extracellular fluid influx into compartments containing damaged muscle


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